“Beton Service” S.R.L. produces all types of concrete provided in the Nomenclature of classes and types of concrete, but upon request we also produce other types of concrete requested by the beneficiary.

Below you will find the classic concretes and their use:

  • M150 concrete (B-10, C8 / 10) – easy-to-use concrete also called “filler concrete” used in pits, foundations of houses, blocks and light elevations. It is composed of four types of aggregates and used in most construction works.
  • Concrete M200 (B-15, C12 / 15), an intermediate concrete that can be used both as concrete for filling but also concrete for poles and plates of resistance to light constructions depending on the P + M type project. It comes in two forms – pumpable with maximum diameter at 16 mm aggregates, and non-pumpable with 31 mm aggregate diameter.
  • M250 concrete (B-20, C16 / 20), The most common concrete used in civil construction in the Republic of Moldova, the basic concrete for slabs, columns, excavations and other resistance structures produced from four types of aggregates (sand, 4 -8, 8-16, 16-31), water cement and additives as appropriate. It is used for resistance elements for P + 1 + M type constructions.
  • Concrete M-300 (B-22.5, C18 / 22) – resistance concrete with a high degree of compaction generally used in GF + 2 + Attic constructions, depending on the project. It is a concrete that together with the reinforced steel reinforcement offers an increased resistance to any type of work for which it is used, including the road foundation layer. M300 concrete is also used depending on the project and for the classic constructions of villa type GF + 1 + At being recommended as maximum resistance for these types.
  • Concrete M 350 (B25, C20 / 25) – B350 Resistance concrete used in most civil and industrial constructions, especially when pouring platforms, parking lots, access roads for tonnage, elements of resistance to bridges and important works. M350 concrete is characterized by a special resistance to frost-thaw, homogeneous hardening, easy surface processing and reduced execution time. In contact with reinforced concrete reinforcement, B350 concrete offers a special element of resistance in any type of construction.
  • M400 concrete (B25,5 C25 / 30) – Special concrete used in industrial and civil constructions in general as a base layer for industrial platforms and roads. Prepared a special cement compared to the above types of concrete, M400 concrete can be used in buildings with a height of over 4 floors. The prices for M400 concrete are higher than a usual concrete up to class M350 due to the quantity of cement used in its preparation but also to the special type of cement.
  • Concrete BCR 4 and 4.5. Also called road concrete, it is used in most road works as a contact layer for light and heavy traffic. Road concrete is prepared with special cement and crushed aggregates from the quarry, respectively granite. Due to the special composition, BCR 4.5 road concrete has a high price compared to normal concrete and is recommended for the road system in the country but also for any beneficiary who wants to build a long private road.