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Dump truck /drivers

Main responsibilities: receives the company’s vehicle and semi-trailer; correctly enter the roadmaps the data related to the races they perform; takes care of the means of transport he receives; supervises the loading – unloading operations; is responsible for the quantitative and qualitative integrity of the goods throughout the transport; complies with traffic rules, OSH rules, […]


Optimal conditions for pouring concrete: Ordinary concretes can be poured at a temperature between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius, ensuring all the necessary measures for their treatment, mainly against water loss by evaporating it from the composition; If the temperatures during the day exceed 30 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to pour the concrete in […]


The best performing companies, winners of the “Trademark of the Year”, “Award for Achievements in Quality” contests and winners of the Gold Medal of the National Exhibition “Made in Moldova” were awarded on Wednesday, June 7, at the Moldovan Business Gala.


The “Trademark of the Year” competition was launched in 2003 and aims to promote successful business practices, familiarize consumers with the best brands on the domestic market, and highlight the most competitive companies…


“Beton Service” S.R.L. produces all types of concrete provided in the Nomenclature of classes and types of concrete, but upon request we also produce other types of concrete requested by the beneficiary. Below you will find the classic concretes and their use: M150 concrete (B-10, C8 / 10) – easy-to-use concrete also called “filler concrete” […]


It is a blend of cement, sand and water, which can be completed with additives and color pigments. Unlike concrete, mortar does not include aggregates. Mortars are used for joining elements (for joining cut or cast elements), for cladding (waterproofing, wall cladding and lining, floor finishing), but also for other applications, such as joints, plasters, […]


“Beton Service” S.R.L. has an annual metrological road balance. Thus, we offer vehicle weighing services, as well as allow customers to check the quantity of goods (concrete / aggregates) purchased.